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Verse of Silence Short Fiction Competition

Verse of Silence Short Fiction Competition is our yearly creative writing competition which intends to provide writers across India a platform they can show case their skills in. This is an online writing competition which focuses on recognizing talented writers and making their art reach out to readers across the world through our platform.

The Submissions are currently open .   


Submission Deadline: Closed


Contest Judge:
Shruti Sonal

Shruti Sonal is a writer, poet and journalist who loves to tell stories in all their forms. On Instagram, she can be found writing about movies, rainy days, and struggling to take care of plants. In real life, she is usually seen staring into the distance with a cup of tea. Her writings have been published in various anthologies, including Terribly Tiny Tales and Penguin India's collaboration "Ninety-Seven Poems", and HarperCollins' "The World That Belongs To Us". She has also written for publications such as Scroll, The Wire, The Hindu and more.

Please read the contest guidelines carefully before participating.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The short fiction should be original and should not have been previously published elsewhere.

  2. The word limit of your short fiction should not exceed 1500 words.

  3. You can base your short fiction on any theme/genre of your choice.

  4. The short fiction must be in English but may include a few words from other languages if required.

  5. The entry fee for the competition is Rs 199

  6. Your submission will not be considered if you haven’t paid the entry fee and once the deadline is over.


  1. Top 2 winners will get cash prizes worth 5k and 3k respectively, winner’s certificates, and their short fiction stories will get published in the next issue of the Verse of Silence quarterly magazine.

  2. Top 10 selected entries will get Special Mention Certificates.



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