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Short Fiction Contest 2020 is now CLOSED!

Judge, Short Fiction Contest 2020 

                                                                                         Neil D' Silva


With 12 books to his credit, Neil D’Silva is a known name in the Indian literary world. His unique stories have struck a chord with a wide range of readers, eliciting praise from various quarters. He is published with leading publishers such as Penguin Random House, Rupa Publications, and Hachette India among others, and has won screen adaptation deals on four of his books.

He has been named as one of the Top 7 Indian horror writers to be read by UK’s DESIblitz magazine. Considered as one of the forerunners of contemporary Indian horror literature, he has been covered by several leading publications and is invited to speak at prominent lit fests around the country.

Neil D’Silva is the President of the India Chapter of Horror Writers Association.

Verse of Silence Presents Short Fiction Contest 2020

Verse of Silence Short Fiction Competition 2020 is a creative writing competition which intends to
provide writers across India a platform they can showcase their skills in. This is an online writing
competition which focuses on recognizing talented writers and making their art reach out to readers
across the world. The Contest tentatively ends on 20th January 2021.

NOTE: This contest is open for Indian nationals only.

Please read the contest guidelines carefully before participating.

Guidelines for Submission:

1. The short fiction should be original and should not have been previously published elsewhere.
2. The minimum and maximum word limit of your short fiction should be between 50 to 800 words
3. You can base your short fiction on any theme/genre of your choice.
4. The short fiction must be in English but may include a few words from other languages if required.
5. The entry fee for the competition is Rs 210.
6. Your submission will not be considered if you haven’t paid the entry fee and once the deadline is over.


1. Top 2 winners will get 
- Cash prizes worth Rs 5,500 and Rs 3,500 respectively
- Winner’s certificates
- Special goodie from the Verse of Silence team and
- Their short fiction stories will get published in the next issue of the Verse of Silence quarterly

2. Select 3 entries will get Special Mention Certificates and a surprise goodie from Verse of Silence.



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