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Creative Writing Workshop Programme 2022

Verse of Silence is back with its yearly workshop programme i.e. The Creative Writing Workshop Programme where every weekend in the month of Feburary we'll be covering separate areas of Creative Writing from amazing mentors who'll be covering important areas in the field. Please find below the workshop Details. 


Ideas/themes to write your poetry on, poetic tools you can use, free verse poetry, prose
poetry and how to self-edit your poems.

5th Feb 2022

12:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m. 



Ideas/themes to write your stories on, creating interesting characters, plot, setting and voice/tone for your stories- applicable to long stories, flash fiction; and how to self-edit your stories.

12th Feb 2022

12:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m. 



Things required to approach publishers, how to write a good synopsis and cover letter, how to list publishing houses as per your publishing needs. Understanding the difference between Traditional, Self and Vanity Publishing.

19th Feb 2022

12:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m. 


How to Participate?

Register Using the Google Form

Payment links included in the Google Form 

What will you get? 

Apart from learning the skills, all those who attend the workshop will get

1. Certificate of completion of Workshop with Verse of Silence

2. One Years Free Subscription to Verse of Silence Digital Magazine. 

Poetry Writing with Kavya Sharma

Kavya Sharma | Poetry

Kavya Sharma is a poet, a fiction author and a professional editor. She has authored 4 books till now namely, All Seasons Alike, To Naddiyaa and The Carmine Memories. Kavya has also been published in various anthologies and literary magazines like A Letter, A Poem, A Home by Airplane Poetry Movement, A Map Called Home by Kitaab Singapore, Ninety Seven Poems by Terribly Tiny Tales, The Bangalore Review, Thought Catalog, etc. 


She has received the 100 Most Inspiring Authors Award by The Indian Awaaz, Author of the Year by NE8X, Women's Author's Recognition Award by She Foreword, Token of Respect by Dyal Singh College and has also been interviewed by BBC Nottingham for her works. She has been featured in The Asian News, The Pioneer, Deccan Chronicle, Zoom Delhi, Sunday Guardian, etc for her books and work. 


She is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Verse of Silence. 

Storytelling with Shruti Sonal

Shruti Sonal is a writer, poet and journalist who loves to tell stories in all their forms. On Instagram, she can be found writing about movies, rainy days, and struggling to take care of plants. In real life, she is usually seen staring into the distance with a cup of tea. Her writings have been published in various anthologies, including Terribly Tiny Tales and Penguin India's collaboration "Ninety-Seven Poems", and HarperCollins' "The World That Belongs To Us". 

Shruti Sonal .jpg
Chetan Soni .jpg

How to Approach Publishers Workshop with Chetan Soni 

Founder of Half Baked Beans Publishing House. 


Chetan is an avid fan of true crime documentaries who currently manages Half Baked Beans(HBB). He was previously involved with an e-commerce website and a road trip company. HBB is a publishing platform which continuously comes up with new initiatives to provide opportunities to the written word.

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