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Editing with Verse of Silence

We at Verse of Silence constantly strive to create a better and more accessible space for writers across the world. In the year 2021, we as an organization have started providing editorial services with our in house editors having worked on both fiction and poetry for over 3 years of experience now. We are more than ready to extend our scope towards this arena of creativity.

What kind of manuscripts are we accepting? 

  1. Poetry Manuscripts 

  2. Poetry Anthologies 

  3. Fiction Manuscripts (any genre) 

  4. Short Story Collection 

  5. Fiction Anthologies 

Approach us

If you wish to get your manuscript edited from us, please mail us the below things at 


  1. Short Synopsis of your work (fiction/poetry) within 800 words. 

  2. Three sample chapters for a fiction manuscript and 3 sample poems for a poetry manuscript. 

  3. Your bio as an author/poet 

Query and Contact 

For any editing-related query please email us at 


(Please provide us with 1 week to reply to any of your editing queries. We will try to be as quick as we can.)

Thanks for submitting!

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