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Verse of Silence Presents Short Fiction Contest 2019


Verse of Silence Short Fiction Competition is a creative writing competition which intends to provide writers across India a platform they can show case their skills in. This is an online writing competition which focuses on recognizing talented writers and making their art reach out to readers across the world through our platform. The Contest tentatively ends on 1st February 2020 and is being judged by India’s bestselling author Tanmay Dubey. Are you in?

NOTE: This contest is open for Indian nationals only.

About the Judge:


Tanmay Dubey is the author of 4 books. His debut novel, Just Six Evenings (2015) was published by Rupa Publications. The book a commercial fiction which was loved by readers and national award-winning filmmaker Mr Prakash Jha. The success of his debut novel propelled him to write his second book THE AMIGOS (2017) published by Rupa Publications. The success of two books led the foundation of THE RED LINE (2019) a murder mystery which soon became Amazon #1 Best Seller. His Latest “DNA of a CHAMPION SALESPERSON” (2019) is his first self-help book which talks about how sales is an art which can be learnt and practised by anyone in sales profession who wants to achieve bigger success in their careers.


He finds solace in long-distance running and has actively participated in more than 25 national and international Marathons. He is also an avid cyclist and has successfully completed IRON MAN Australia Triathlon in May 2019.


His experience spans over 20 years in IT, where he held various leadership roles in companies like DELL Technologies, Oracle India Pvt Ltd and Hewlett- Packard India.


Tanmay is a Book Writing Coach, who specializes in helping coaches, aspiring coaches, trainers and corporate leaders to Write, Publish and become a best seller author in 90 days.

Guidelines for Submission:

1. The short fiction should be original and should not have been previously published elsewhere.
2. The minimum and maximum word limit of your short fiction should be 500 and 1500 words respectively.
3. You can base your short fiction on any theme/genre of your choice.
4. The short fiction must be in English but may include a few words from other languages if required.
5. The entry fee for the competition is Rs 210.
6. Your submission will not be considered if you haven’t paid the entry fee and once the deadline is over.


1. Top 2 winners will get cash prizes worth 5k and 3k respectively, winner’s certificates, a copy of Tanmay Dubey’s bestselling novel, special goodie from the Verse of Silence team and their short fiction stories will get published in the next issue of the Verse of Silence quarterly magazine.
2. 3 entries will get Special Mention Certificates and vouchers worth Rs 500 each.
3. All the entries will get participation certificates.


1st Winner- Komal Thami 

2nd Winner- Noel Roychoudhury. 



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