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                                                               Verse of Silence Poetry Reading Contest 2021




                                                                                                 Judge: Madhura Banerjee 

Verse of Silence is back with another initiative of online poetry reading contest wherein you can send in your poetry submissions that you'd like to read in front of a live audience online. The contest will be judged by a panel. This initiative is to revive and create an environment of the old reading spaces.

Last Date: 7th March 2021


Madhura Banerjee 

Madhura Banerjee is a writer, who has two books of poetry to her name. She has contributed to Scholastic India's Yearbooks, written freelance articles and children's fiction for The Telegraph, and has had her thoughts preserved in a few other literary portals as well. She is 25 years old, and also a TEDx speaker. She also serves as a Creative Writing mentor with the UN-certified MyCaptain Program. Born in Calcutta, she now works in Bangalore. 

Please read the guidelines below

Guidelines for Submission:

1. Your submission must be original and must not have been published anywhere before.
2. Your submission must be in English. You can use a few words of any regional language if necessary for your piece.
3. Only 20 people will be selected for the final recitation round, out of which 1 winner will be selected by the judge.
4. The entry fee for the contest is Rs 99/per poem.
5. You can make multiple submissions. 



1. The winner wins a certificate of achievement from Verse of Silence.
2. The winner wins a cash prize of Rs 2000 along with a surprise goodie from VoS
3. Winner's poem will be published in the VoS Summer Issue 


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